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February 28, 2012


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  • Rock out
    Inspired by my own children's imaginations, I came up with a way to match their colourful ideas and my love of birthday parties. Creating personalized invitations and birthday themes, we always end up with some great memories and happy children!

I like to PAINT

  • Decorating_044
    I like to pick up a brush, dab it in paint and paint on anything in site from a clean canvas, an old canvas, watercolour paper, scrap wood, walls, closet doors, clothing, etc. Think I've passed the trait down to my kids.


  • Red
    Sometimes I find things that I love when I am out shopping and other times I have a picture in my head and that's all I'm going to settle for. Most of the time I can make it and it turns out exactly what I picture in my head. It's definitely a trait that I inherited from my parents and I think I've passed it down to my kids

I like to throw CHILDREN's PARTIES

  • Maya's birthday week 022
    I love birthday parties. I love to see the kids play and have fun with their friends. Our house ends up being a big mess before, during and after the event but the kids have a great time and it's all worth it.

I love Family

  • Ugliest_kid_ever1
    Found these old family pictures and it just brings back memories... most of the time my sister and I had a ball... sometimes we fought like crazy... but we did have fun. Take a peek and you will see.

Can't believe they said that....

  • Maya - 8 years old
    No, there's lots left (when asked if she ran out of bug spray at camp - her legs are literally covered in bites)
  • Wyatt - 2 years old
    Pissing you off Dad? (after dad told him that he was pissing him off)
  • Wyatt - Almost 2
    I can ride anything... Maya taught him this one!
  • Wyatt - Almost 2
    First complete sentence - I bite Kyle.
  • Maya - Age 7
    I don't want Jackson to come home. I've been having good hair days since he left!
  • Jackson - Age 11
    Mom, I thought the boys were supposed to ask the girls out.
  • Jackson - Age 11
    So okay, I have a girlfriend.
  • Maya - Age 6 (Almost 7)
    Mom... guess what the boys said to me today. They said that "I was hot, they really did!"
  • Maya - Age 6 (Almost 7)
    Jackson, that's not symmetrical! (when folding up the blankets)
  • Maya - Age 6
    It's not a wig! (when Wyatt pulled her hair for the 35th time in a span of 10 minutes)
  • Maya - Age 6
    Teached - taught, same thing! - When Jackson tried to correct her grammar.
  • Maya - Age 6
    "He jawed me" - When Daddy taught her how to take a fish off the hook.
  • Maya - Age 6
    I slept with Wade.... on the bus! (After a field trip to the zoo. She finally talked her boyfriend into letting her sit with him on the bus and they both fell asleep on the hour and half bus trip home)
  • Jax - Age 3
    I am not liking this. (after we brought Maya home from the hospital and as he stomped his way up the stairs)
  • Maya - Age 5.95
    Mommy, baby boys are better than girls right? (After she fell in love with Wyatt as much as we did)
  • Jax - Age 9
    What's deja boo?
  • Maya - February 2007 on the way to Florida
    But I won't survive! (when I told her that she could only have 3 cheese crackers cause she had just gotten finished her little bout of car sickness and needed a little time for the Gravol to kick in)
  • Maya - Age 5
    My mom says to stay away from the big boys cause they have big sticks... (I was referring to hockey sticks out on the rink)
  • Jax - Age 4
    Mommy and Daddy... can you do love skating? (Love Skating = Pairs Figure Skating)
  • Maya - Age 4
    I got 2 bums, a little one and a big one...
  • Jax - Age 5
    Mom, I know what a vajayda is... (I later had to explain to him that it is pronounced vagina)
  • Jax - Age 8
    Mom, when do we learn about Global Warning?
  • Maya - Age 5
    Jackson hit me back....